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This is a special Halloween treat from us to you!!! Slipknot has been a major influence on all members of the band and we couldn't think of a better song to cover than the opening track on their debut full length which came out in 1999. We recorded this ourselves and mixed/mastered it as well while also putting our own spin on a couple of parts.

Featured on this track is Cory Lee of the band Paragon! Make sure you go over and check their debut album out which just dropped a month or two ago:


Here is (SIC) for FREE!



Here comes the pain

Show me what you wanna be
I can handle anything
Even if I can't handle you

Either way it better be
Don't you fuckin' pity me
Get up, get off...

What the hell am I sayin'?
I don't know about malevolent
Sure as hell decadent
I want somebody to step up, step off

Let me fall! Fuck you all!
Get a grip, don't let me slip
'til I drop the ball

Fuck this shit, I'm sick of it
You're goin' down, this is a war!

Fuck it!

Who the fuck am I to criticize your twisted state of mind?
You're leavin' me suspect, I'm leavin' you grotesque
Feels like a burn from which you never learn
Cause and effect, you jealous ass
Press your face against the glass - suffer

Fuck this shit, I'm sick of it
You're goin' down, this is a war!


I've just begun
It's about that time
Gotta get mine

You can't kill me
'Cause I'm already inside you

Sic [4x]


released October 31, 2016
Tracked/Mixed/Mastered by Taylor Danley.



all rights reserved


Sacrificer Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon band featuring members of I Declare War, American Me, and Those Who Lie Beneath.


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